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  • Hot Body Gel - HBG300
  • Hot Body Gel - HBG300
  • Hot Body Gel - HBG300
  • Hot Body Gel - HBG300


Hot Body Gel - HBG300

Hot Body Gel - HBG300


300ml /10,14 fl.oz




Ivy and Fucus are known for its natural properties anti-cellulite and reforming that help eliminate the fat located and improves the appearance of the skin.

The use of these plants dates back to the first civilizations and its properties are recognized since the seventeenth century by European botanists.

Massage top: Stimulates circulation and helps dissolve localized fat for optimal elimination

Use: Apply in circular motion in desired area until total absorption.

Ivy extract stimulates circulation and stretches the skin naturally making the accumulation and knots of fat that form cellulite be eliminated. Restores and purifies the skin making it look beautiful and healthy.

Fucus extract helps naturally slim boosting the metabolism (fat burner) while helping to reaffirm the skin decreases the thickness and increases its elasticity. Tones and shapes your body.

Recommended for use with OSMOTIC SLIMMING WRAP.

Size: 300ml  / 10,14 fl. oz   

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