Our product lines

- Powernet: Different styles that give greater control and maximum comfort.

- Soft Line:  super soft like your second skin ((some garments come with latex)

- Latex: with 4 lines of hook and eye clips (with rods) For women who are not allergic to latex.


What makes Equilibrium different?


Wide selection of products: we have something for everyone our sizes up to 7XL.

Exclusive girdle material: Powernet for greater control and maximum comfort.

Guaranteed quality, 100% Colombian product.


Recommendations for special cases


Postpartum:  Recommended for women after childbirth the following references C4150 and C4151.

  1. If it was a cesarean, we recommend latex-free girdles since the latex could irritate the wound.
  1. Heavy or high-movement jobs: We DO NOT recommend girdles with rods for people who have heavy physical activity or sports with a lot of movement.
  2. Adolescent: Do not use if your child is underage or still developing.

We recommend the reinforced microfiber girdle, so that they get used to the use of girdles. 

 Example: C1003, C4130, C1001 or if the girl feels fine it could be the C4150.

  1. Special occasions: For occasions such as weddings, Sweet 15, among others, we recommend references that can be worn without straps. You are welcome to bring the dress in store when purchasing your faja.
How to determine your ideal girdle

In order to get the best results and comfort, we recommend the following points to be considered:



  • High/Firm: If you are accustom to wearing firm girdles and you want to reduce inches while using a girdle, we recommend our Powerflex line. It’s our exclusive material which will give you maximum compression with maximum comfort.
  • Medium/High: This line of girdles will shape and highlight your figure while giving the appearance of a more firm and toned body. These are found in our Comfort Line.
  • Soft/Medium: Our Soft line girdles stylizes your figure naturally and helps hide flaccidity and cellulitis.




  • For specific occasions such as cosmetic surgery refer to our Perfect Balance line.
  • We have a variety of girdles that can be used with or without straps. These are perfect for dresses.
  • If you are looking for girdles for aerobic exercise like walking, running, or dancing, girdles with thermal action will be best for you. These will help eliminate excess fat from the waist and abdominal area.
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      Wholesale in the USA

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          About Equilibrium

          Equilibrium is a company dedicated to design, manufacture, and distribute the most beautiful lingerie and control products from Colombia for the last 20 years.

          Equilibrium collections are elegant and comfortable, created by a very well trained and qualified stylistic team, always ready to capture the styles and tendencies of the latest fashion and up to date looks, trends of the new fabrics and colors, to match with delicate laces or pretty embroideries for exclusive designs. Our collections are conceived by taking into account a woman's body, mind, and spirit.

          Equilibrium also has a specialized team, with excellent professionals whom pledged in the search for new products and concepts that support the growth of our company and distribution of our products worldwide.

          In Equilibrium, every product is rigorously checked to guarantee the most comfortable and perfect fit, a lasting wear and an excellent first class product with a high quality standard.

          Whether you are looking for Shapewear or Jeans, we can guarantee that all our efforts are oriented towards meeting the needs of our clients.

          Whether you are looking to be a distributor, wholesaler, or direct buyer of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to attend you and offer you products with optimal fit, fashion, high quality of materials, and competitive price level.

          Just as in any relationship, finding the right partner is crucial when it comes to a long-term relation. We believe that honesty, integrity, and trust are fundamental to our business.

          We look forward to hearing from you,

          Olga Barrios
          Marketing and Sales Manager


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          Our Stores

          4942 W. Fullerton AVE. Chicago, IL 60639

          6524 S. Pulaski Rd. Chicago, IL 60629


          Online sales
          Laura Gabriel | (312) 539-5851 | onlinesales@equilibriumcorp.com

          Prices are Valid only online

          Why are prices different online than in store?

          Customer service is our top priority. Our online prices are slightly different than in store. We love to provide a beautiful experience when you shop with us, whether it’s online or in store.

          We try to provide great customer service online, via chat, phone, and/or email. We are available to answer all questions and recommend the perfect size to insure your garment will fit perfectly. If the garment does not fit, we can gladly exchange the garment if returned in perfect conditions.

          Our return policy gives you 15 days from day order received to return or exchange purchase made online. Items must be free of odors, lotions, or deodorant. We reserve the right to refuse an exchange and or return. 

          When you visit our locations, the customer service is personalized. You are assigned an assistant that will take your measurements and help you choose the correct garment. Once you choose your garment, your assistant will assist you in trying on your item. She spends the necessary time to insure the garment and size is correct for you. Purchase made in store cannot be exchange or return.

          If you have further questions please feel free to contact us at 312-539-5851 and we will gladly answer your questions. Thank you for understanding.