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Calendula and Arnica Gel - CAG400

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With natural extracts of Calendula, Arnica, Valerian

Best known for its natural properties to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, heals and accelerates the disappearance of hematomas.

Recommended for postsurgical use.

Consent has created a message gel with natural extracts of Calendula, Arnica and Valerian to help as therapeutic with post-traumatic stress of the skin.

The properties of these extracts have been around for decades, and now we have combined them in a special way to offer an integral solution between beauty and aesthetics in a way that is natural and safe.

Calendula extract stimulates scaring in a natural way helping the body restore damage tissues and helps as a soothing and anti-inflammatory. Heals, protects and regenerates you skin.

Arnica extract helps to naturally relieve bruising pain, rheumatism or injury to the same time that it stimulates the circulation of the blood. Relives, restores and decongest your body.

Valerian extract is a natural sedative that relaxes the nervous system and reduces stress. Relaxes and refreshes your skin.

This synergy of natural ingredients helps to create a balance in your skin, relaxing and improving noticeably as well as providing a sense of relief.

Use: Apply as desired. Apply in circular motion on desired area until completely absorbed. Wait 5 minutes before putting on a garment.

Size: 400ml  / 13,53 fl. oz