I love it!

I had lipo360 and i struggled with finding the right post op garment. When i went in the store they were very nice ans helpful and it only took the first try. It was amazing and a great relief. It is expensive but worth it if you want the best results. Im on my last hook which means i will be back soon for a smaller size. Just an fyi, the straps can dig in your skin so i would suggest putting something like a cloth around it to protect your skin. That you can get at the fabric store

Chikamarina Mignani

The best body garment I ever had in my life!

Over the years I’ve always had a 5 star experience with equilibrium, the store sales associates as well as the products! They really give you a new shape ! Tones you, shapes you all in one ! Don’t fret over the $ of the garments! By far they are worth every penny!!

Kimberly A.


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