Our product lines

- Powernet: Different styles that give greater control and maximum comfort.

- Soft Line:  super soft like your second skin ((some garments come with latex)

- Latex: with 4 lines of hook and eye clips (with rods) For women who are not allergic to latex.


What makes Equilibrium different?


Wide selection of products: we have something for everyone our sizes up to 7XL.

Exclusive girdle material: Powernet for greater control and maximum comfort.

Guaranteed quality, 100% Colombian product.


Recommendations for special cases


Postpartum:  Recommended for women after childbirth the following references C4150 and C4151.

  1. If it was a cesarean, we recommend latex-free girdles since the latex could irritate the wound.
  1. Heavy or high-movement jobs: We DO NOT recommend girdles with rods for people who have heavy physical activity or sports with a lot of movement.
  2. Adolescent: Do not use if your child is underage or still developing.

We recommend the reinforced microfiber girdle, so that they get used to the use of girdles. 

 Example: C1003, C4130, C1001 or if the girl feels fine it could be the C4150.

  1. Special occasions: For occasions such as weddings, Sweet 15, among others, we recommend references that can be worn without straps. You are welcome to bring the dress in store when purchasing your faja.