How to determine your ideal girdle

In order to get the best results and comfort, we recommend the following points to be considered:



  • High/Firm: If you are accustom to wearing firm girdles and you want to reduce inches while using a girdle, we recommend our Powerflex line. It’s our exclusive material which will give you maximum compression with maximum comfort.
  • Medium/High: This line of girdles will shape and highlight your figure while giving the appearance of a more firm and toned body. These are found in our Comfort Line.
  • Soft/Medium: Our Soft line girdles stylizes your figure naturally and helps hide flaccidity and cellulitis.




  • For specific occasions such as cosmetic surgery refer to our Perfect Balance line.
  • We have a variety of girdles that can be used with or without straps. These are perfect for dresses.
  • If you are looking for girdles for aerobic exercise like walking, running, or dancing, girdles with thermal action will be best for you. These will help eliminate excess fat from the waist and abdominal area.