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CURVY - Find the perfect match for your silhouette


Jeans are the most used and reinterpreted garment in history, being a staple piece that is transformed each season according to the innovations and designs proposed on the catwalks.

They are one of those items that cannot be missing from your closet. They are perfect for any occasion. It is a garment that is used in our daily lives and makes us look casual or sophisticated; We love jeans because we can combine them and create perfect outfits for every occasion; Whether at a party with friends or even a day at the office, they are our staple piece of clothing.

If you know how to choose and use them correctly, you will never go unnoticed.

But have you ever gone to a store and see the perfect jeans, yet when you try them on, they do not fit in the right places and they do not make you feel good? An instant “these jeans were not designed for my body type” thought comes to your head?

Shopping for the right jeans can be a challenge, especially with so many silhouettes and sizes to choose from.


To start; We must admit that our bodies are different, with characteristics and details that make us unique and we do not need to look a specific way to be able to wear what we like. Knowing our body type is not about physical condition or size, but about our anatomical proportions. By identifying our predominant silhouette, we can create balanced outfits that favor our natural beauty.

Conoce los mejores Jeans para mujeres CURVY


Being comfortable is the best indication that you are wearing the right jeans.


Meet the best Jeans for CURVY women.

You might have curves and I understand, you don’t like gaps in the waistbands of your jeans.


Conoce los mejores Jeans para mujeres CURVY

This is why our newest line called the Curvy Line is what you are looking for! Our Curvy Equilibrium Jeans are designed to be two different sizes, perfect for those with big hips and small waist. It has a higher and narrower waist that stylizes the figure in an incredible way. This higher rise will get rid of the excess space at the waist.

You know that one jean that fits well everywhere but loose at the waist? Worry no more, Equilibrium curvy jeans are your best option if you have a difference of several inches between your hips and waist. This jean is created for a specific designed silhouette that avoids any gaps.


Dare and take advantage of every centimeter of your booty with these jeans.

All of our jeans whether they are regular or curvy are known for being butt lifters. We incorporate technology that shapes the figure, refines the waist and highlights the curves.

 We use a specific denim fabric to give you total comfort, designed to move with you and not deform. This material keeps its form even after a long day of wear. You will always look as good as you feel.

Conoce los mejores Jeans para mujeres CURVY


These jeans are incredibly versatile and flattering meant to enhance your natural body while enjoying a comfortable fit. Whether you have pronounced curves or more subtle ones, a pair of these jeans will make you feel fabulous.

EQUILIBRIUM is when comfort and style come together in a garment that you can’t stop wearing.

The perfect jeans to wear with basic t-shirts of any color create classic looks, and/or if you prefer a more casual style, a formal blouse will be the best to compliment your outfit. The possibilities are endless!
Conoce los mejores Jeans para mujeres CURVY


Don’t hesitate to try them on. You will be surprised by the effect they have and the way they will shape you flawlessly and give you the confidence in every step you take.




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