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Lighten your emotional load

The global corona virus pandemic has caused many people to shut themselves down. The voluntarily or involuntarily in their homes and this unusual situation causes our lifestyle to completely change.


Our neurological system is in charge of sending the signals to each organ of the body. When we keep it strongly active, in other words, when we are stressed, it can influence the appearance of anxiety states, low moods, irritability, insomnia, impulses for high-calorie foods, drastic weight changes, emotional exhaustion, among others.




It is important to maintain our personal hygiene because showering and dressing makes us feel good and in this health emergency situation our care must be even greater. Maintaining adequate meal and sleep times is also very important.

Thinking of you, we have some suggestions to make your stay at home more pleasant:


The trick is to keep a routine
If you have the opportunity to work from home, help yourself by defining your office hours, the lunch break, time to play sports and rest.
If on the other hand you only have to stay at home, it is best to make an activity plan. The idea is to keep your mind busy and distribute your time with various tasks and your days will pass much faster.
Remember that keeping yourself busy is essential planning your day, setting goals and being able to complete them will give us a sense of control and self-efficacy.


All of us at some point have thought ""I wish I had more time for myself"" or ""I would love to have time to do X or Y thing"" or ""I don't do it because I don't have time"".

And what is the key word of all this? The word ""time"", well, now you have it, take advantage of it!

It is time to make everything possible, because, even if it is an imposed situation, it does not have to be negative.


Avoid being over informed
Experts recommend that to maintain a healthy mind we must avoid excessive information which can be very difficult these days. To do this, you must use reliable sources of information such as news, the web or official social networks in addition to filtering the information that comes from outside sources, since it can increase the risks of alarm.


Enjoyable activities


Do you have a favorite author?
So go back and reread that book that you love. Check if there’s’ something new or if there are more writers like it and read something new. There are many online platforms where you can read the reviews from books and then buy them.


Are you and the music one?

Listen to a new sound track
Watch concert videos of your favorite band, give yourself the opportunity to meet new genres, new rhythms. Find the perfect soundtrack of your life.

Do it alone, do it accompanied ... just dance, you do not need to be an expert. Sometimes a few free and uncertain jumps and movements together with the indicated song are enough to feel happy.
Do you enjoy dance or the ballet? Learn new rhythms, surprising choreographies and everything directed by professionals the internet will help you find what you are passionate about.
Take advantage of that instrument you have at home or get one ... learn, practice, retake, compose, be constant.
Remember that the sky is the limit, and that technology is your ally when it comes to learning.
It doesn't matter if you hit to the notes correctly or if you detune a little or a lot ... if it makes you happy, just sing!


Film and television
Turn a space from your house into your theater, prepare something delicious to eat and take advantage of the streaming platforms and watch your favorite movies. Watch a new series, or ask your friends for recommendations.



Take out the chef inside you
Our busy lives usually makes our dishes bland and basic take this time as an opportunity to exploit your culinary side.
Take advantage of the many top Instagram chefs in the foodie world and cooking channels who upload their recipes and tips to prepare fun dishes. Or just improvise, have fun and take a chance on the stove. Use light and nutritious ingredients to create unique dishes, discover if cooking is your new passion.


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Can't live without physical activity?
If you do not have exercise equipment at home, it is not a limitation to stop training or moving. Take advantage of social networks because many personal trainers through their Instagram accounts teach classes for free. You can find videos of Cross Fit classes, yoga, meditation, exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups or join the many challenges such as ""100 squats daily.""
You just need a proper outfit, comfortable clothes that remind you that being at home is no excuse for not looking cute and sexy.


Home spa ... Pamper yourself
It's time to take care of ourselves and now you can rest more than usual. Take a hot bath, do a body exfoliation and hydration, facial and hair massages, enjoy the benefits of a good mask, you can find thousands of tips and recipes for you on social networks. Use a daily wear girdle or a waist trainer. This will help you shape your figure.
Take the opportunity to pamper yourself and spend time with yourself. Seeing and feeling good always makes us happy.

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Bring out the artist inside you
Boost your creativity, making collages, you just need scissors and a couple of magazines, paint or draw, any surface is a canvas for you to express yourself, do some crafts, embroider, sew, knit, design costume jewelry, learn to do make up and make up like a professional.
Perhaps with all this, you find yourself with a business opportunity.


Take classes online
Take advantage of the hundreds of online courses offered, some have a cost and others are free. You can find classes and courses of almost everything you can imagine, photography, languages, art, and makeup. Complement your curriculum by learning something new, update your knowledge and turn these days at home into an intensive learning that you did not know you wanted or needed.


Express what you feel and share it
Being isolated does not mean that we should be alone it is only a matter of distance.
You can make calls, write by chat, make video calls through WhatsApp, Skype, etc ... Talk and tell people you care about your day and everything you want.
There is also the House Party application, with it you can make calls for up to 8 people, the peculiarity of this social network is that it includes games, make an appointment and spend time with your family and friends.
There is no excuse for not seeing or sharing time with people outside your home.
A smile and some loving words, these days can be the kisses and hugs that we miss so much.


And the best thing is that all these activities can also be done with more people, your children, your partner, your parents, siblings, and your roommate. Share activities and hobbies with those around you and make your days at home something positive.

Don't forget, technology can be one of our greatest allies in these times of crisis, use it responsibly.

The way we interpret this social distancing will make us feel one way or another, so make the most of this experience by growing as a person.




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