Special Occasion Garments

Now that the summer heat is in full force, we wear more bare tops or more bare dresses.

Regardless of your build, we have the perfect girdle for you:

Invisible strapless type girdles with shorter legs, waist shaping, and derriere enhancement.

Which one do you need?

Today we give you 3 suggestions in choosing the best strapless girdle: 

  1. Make sure that a girdle has rods to give you support. This will prevent it from rolling when you have it on and are dancing or in some social activity.
  2. Check that it has a wide band on the contour to give you more firmness and support on your back.
  3. Check that it is the mold that you need according to your body shape.Whether you have wide hips with a thin or thick constitution. 

Ask us online or visit our stores in Chicago to advise you and help you look spectacular.




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