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How to use your EQ Training kit

Posted on 16 September 2020





EQ Trainning kit








- Hot body Gel
- Osmotic Slimming Wrap
- D6005

Waist Trainer Trio                    


1.  Apply the Hot body Gel evenly on the skin, in the torso area:

- abdomen
- lateral
- back

Perform a light massage.


2.  Wash your hands very well to remove any gel residue that remains on them.


3.  Place the osmotic paper, covering very well the area where we previously applied our gel.


We suggest using 2 layers for greater resistance.


4.  Finally we put on our waist trainer. In this case we are using ref. D6005

Remember that you can adjust its compression according to your taste or the exercise you are going to do.


Latex waist trainer cincher - C4040



In Equilibrium you will find several references that you can use in your daily routines. Choose the one you like the most and if you have any questions please contact us.


Hot Body Gel
Osmotic Slimming Wrap

Hot Body Gel

Osmotic Slimming Wrap




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