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Curves are a trend in cosmetic surgeries

Posted on 02 October 2020

Las curvas son tendencia en las cirugías estéticas - equilibrium new blog ESP


According to experts in plastic surgery, thousands of women aspire to a voluptuous figure, head turner  curves and prominent butts.

They believe that it is a fashion determined by aesthetic patterns that are projected through the media, social networks and a more liberal society. The truth is that the issue of the buttocks and their roundness has accompanied humanity forever.

It is impossible to forget how history shows us the exaggerated way of marking the silhouette, where very tight corsets and suits with puffy skirts were used, because of the belief that this was synonymous with attraction. Situation that still remains because we seek the same effect with the use of high heels; stick out your butt and give the back more curve.

In a global world, like the one we live in, where following the lives of famous people is as easy as watching on your phone. We realize that the slim figure girls who ruled the covers of major magazines for so many years have been replaced by curvy women, now being their ideal of beauty for many, wanting to be voluptuous.

For this they prefer to choose between several options of surgical procedures. Remember that regardless of the method you decide to use you should always consult a specialist. At this time we can highlight fat transfer; which consists of extracting fatty tissue from the abdomen, back, hips and legs, and then injecting it into the buttocks and hips.

This procedure allows fantastic results, in addition to being one of the most natural as there is no risk of rejection by the patient, because he is being treated with his own tissue.

In addition, did you know that this technique can also be used for breast reconstruction or to eliminate facial wrinkles?

  Equilibrium new blag - Las curvas son tendencia en las cirugías estéticas


And it is right at that moment in which you find yourself thinking about the final result of your surgery and how amazing you are going to look. Then ask yourself: what girdle am I going to wear after my surgery?

Well, I have news for you, EQUILIBRIUM knows that conventional Post-Op girdles are not your best option, so we have created a special line with several references that can be used after any surgery that results in an hourglass figure. Where the waist is very small, and the hip and derriere are wider.


Las curvas son tendencia en las cirugías estéticas - Equilibrium C9022 - C9023 - C9024

 C9022                                                    C9023                                                   C9024


If you have any questions about your correct size or what would be the best reference for you, have your measurements ready and contact us so we can guide you.


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