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Skinny Jeans are still in style


If you think you have to be thin to wear skinny jeans, you are wrong! This jean is so versatile that it adapts to all body shapes.

The important thing is to know how to combine them.

Best of all, they are still in style and will stay for a long time. So its a must have in your closet.

In this blog we will give you the necessary tips to choose the best Skinny jean that favors your body shape. We will also show you how to combine them with different types of shoes making you look perfect for every occasion.



 Images: Equilibrium / Jeans Skinny styles J8751, J8603B, J8583B y J8755

Skinny jeans are not only fitted at the waist, but also at the leg. This makes you seem more stylish with longer and thinner legs.

Our jeans adjust to your curves. They are designed with special cuts and darts that give you the lift affect in the buttocks giving you the sensation of extra volume and a rounder look. So if you do not have large buttocks, our jeans will help with that.

The waist band is wider than other jeans on the market and will adjust to your body better. Combining this with the mid rise will give you control of those love handles we all hate. Your waist will look smaller and stylish.



When choosing your skinny jean, make sure it is not too tight at the hips and waist this can cause a stubborn muffin top.

If you are:

Thicker and larger hips: Use darker skinny jeans (black, navy, or gray) that will help you look thinner. Combine them with loose garments on top, they will give balance and proportion to your body.

Small Hips: Your biggest allies will be skinny jeans in light colors. These give the illusion of greater volume we recommend those that have designs or engravings and pockets, you can also opt for the colors.

Slim Legs: Skinny jeans are great for your legs whatever type of jean will look great. So you choose.

Remember that everything is a matter of attitude when dressing, the important thing is that you like it and you feel comfortable with what you see about you.



Besides from the visual effect you want to achieve, you should consider the occasion when you are going to wear your Skinny Jeans this way you will create the most appropriate look.

Basic garments like blouses, maxi blouses and the blazer will make your torso look balanced you will look much more stylized. If the occasion is informal, wear cool clothes, light fabrics on top and your jeans will be responsible for highlighting your sensuality in the bottom.

If the situation is a little more formal, the Cardigans or raincoats will give you a more sophisticated touch.

If you are more risky, use patterned or short blouses with bold and bright colors.



There are many styles of shoes that look great with your skinny jeans. If you choose correctly, you achieve the best look for every occasion. Here are some ideas.

 Flats or gym shoes use, this style of shoes if you want to look young and laid back. They will be perfect to go to eat an ice cream, the movies, or shopping. They will give you style and comfort.

High Heels, will give you a more classic and feminine look. They also stylize and make your legs look longer and that is why they are among our favorites. They will give you a perfect appearance to go to a dinner, the office or a meeting at your child's school.

Boots or booties, they are the perfect complement to your skinny jean for your winter outfits. All types, styles and colors are allowed. Since the jean is fitted at the ankle, you will not have any problems wearing your favorite winter boot. You can put together very versatile looks, from fresh and informal to very elegant and sophisticated.

You are now prepared to put together outfits for every occasion and look perfect in your skinny jeans.






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