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Show off your curves with high-waisted Jeans

Throughout history a great variety of styles and designs have been elaborated, in order to attract the attention of all. This is considered the only garment that every person in the world has used at least once in their life. It's the Jeans, and for this occasion we want you to know what is trending. We want you to look beautiful and feel fashionable.

 Jeans will always be a trend, and high-waisted jeans are making a comeback. Women prefer them because of their simpleness and more importantly, because they hide the famous muffin top that we all hate.

In addition to making us look sexy and fabulous, high-waisted jeans greatly benefit our body because it allows us to have more noticeable curves and produces an effect of longer legs.

In Equilibrium, we offer a variety of high-rise jeans in different styles. You will feel beautiful wearing a jean that makes you feel secure and comfortable.


A jean for every occasion

Skinny Jeans:

It is without a doubt the favorite of many women. It is a fitted jean and its length goes to the ankles. It produces an optical effect of longer legs, and is perfect for women of short stature or short legs that want to look a little taller.

If you want to define a little more your buttocks, this jeans is perfect. Also is great with fashionable pockets, such as embroidery, closures, etc.


Ankle length jeans:

This jeans shares characteristics with the previous one, but this one does not cover the ankle. It is shorter, which will make you look a little shorter in height. You can use it with booties to stylize your figure and cover the area of the ankle a little more.


Bell bottom jeans:

These jeans are perfect for women with more curves because they help to better define and proportion your body, without losing that sexy vibe. If you want a jean that reduces the effect of volume your hips, choose one that does not have too much detail in pockets. Too much detail can cause your hips to stand out more.

These tips can help you define what is the best jean for your body type, however, it is a matter of taste and of course comfort.

"Remember Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds. Coco Chanel"




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