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Tips for a faster recovery after cosmetic surgery

It is necessary to keep in mind that we need time to heal and that it is different for each of us. Bruises and inflammation can last several weeks after any cosmetic surgery, for this reason patience is one of our best allies.


Tip # 1 Early Mobilization:

Take short, slow walks, as well as light stretching during the day, thus helping to promote healthy circulation, which means that the operated area receives more oxygenation. Avoid absolute bed rest.

Tip # 2 Food:

The most advisable is a protein rich diet, fiber and foods rich in vitamins A and C. It is necessary to keep our body hydrate. The recommendation is 8 glasses of water a day.

Tip # 3 Avoid Sunlight:

It is recommended to stay away from the sun. Exposing the incisions and bruises directly could cause more inflammation, blemishes and poor healing. The use of sunscreen is a must.

Tip # 4 Personal hygiene:

Wounds generated after surgery require special care and cleaning, this must be explained by your doctor so you must carry out his recommendations. A wound can be infected by different causes. The most important thing is to be aware of changes that you perceive as in the color of the wound or its surroundings (redness), in the temperature (local heat or body fever), odor or leakage of liquids.


Tip # 5 Post-operative garments:

The use of the appropriate garment after cosmetic surgery is very important.

Considerably improves the tissue recovery process, stimulating blood circulation and skin irrigation, which is why the healing process is noticeably accelerated.

There are a large variety of garments for the abdomen, back, arms, thighs, hips, postoperative bras, among others.

We must not confuse the girdles of daily use with a post-operative girdle because they are not the same.

There are differences in materials, clothing and design. Expert advice is important when choosing our girdle.

Finally, it is necessary to avoid certain habits such as smoking or exposure to smoke, and alcohol because it suppresses and hinders the healing of your system.

 Always remember to consult your specialist and follow his instructions.




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