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You can remover the straps on the girdle, so this means you can wear it strapless, right?

Wrong, and it is a common mistake. We buy a garment that we think will work with the sexy dress that we love or our favorite blouse and we end up with this girdle rolled up to our waist, making us feel so uncomfortable that we end up taking it off.

The majority of girdles with removable straps are removable so you can alter the strap to fit the outfit. For example:

-Change color to match your outfit
-Place them longer or shorter, wider or thinner so that you are comfortable
-Use them crossed or use it in different ways so that it does not show with your blouse

The ideal girdle to use it in a strapless way are the ones that are designed for that purpose, it has two characteristics that allow them to stay in place and not roll, such as:



Together they make your girdle an ideal and perfect strapless garment for you to wear with your outfits

Remember that they come in different leg lengths, hook fasteners or front closure, choose the one you like best considering your silhouette so that you feel comfortable

If you have any questions about what is the ideal girdle for you, we will gladly assist you.




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