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Everything you need to know about post-surgical girdles

If you are going to have cosmetic surgery, it is normal to have doubts about which girdle to use after the procedure.

Here we will tell you all the aspects that you must take into account so that the girdle you choose is the right one for you and helps you in your recovery process.


Listen to your doctor

Our first recommendation is to take in consideration the indications given by your doctor. Normally the surgeons will guide you as to the model and material of the girdle that you should use according to the procedure.

The use of compression garment is usually recommended after surgeries such as liposuction, lipectomy, tummy tuck, fat transfer (BBL) and among others. Each case is different and each doctor also. So it is important to listen to what your doctor recommends.


Example: in the case of a liposuction with fat transfer to the buttocks (BBL), some doctors recommend using a girdle with opening in the buttocks to help preserve the enhancement and the rounded shape they gave your butt, while there are other doctors who think that this effect is best achieved if the faja has a soft material in the area of the buttocks.


Your doctor will also tell you when it is time to start using the girdle after surgery depending on the technique used to operate. Its not the same if you have  liposuction that only leaves small punctures in your body than if you have a tummy tuck that involve a long incision for the removal of excess skin from your abdomen.


Key aspects to choose a girdle

If you consider the following aspects when buying your post surgical girdle, it will become the perfect complement to your recovery process, helping you to achieve the best results.


Girdle style:

To choose the perfect style, you should only consider the parts of your body that are going to have the procedure. For example if you are going to get fat removed from the abdomen, back, arms and legs, you must use a complete or full piece girdle with sleeves and length up to the knee to cover all these areas. If youre only removing fat from your abdomen and/or back, then you can use a body style girdle.



The fabric of the girdle must have the necessary compression to help you shape your body and reduce inflammation without being too tight. It is better if the material of the inner lining is soft since it is easier to slide on to your skin when you put it on. It is also important that the material is breathable and anti-allergic.



Most surgeons recommend that the postsurgical girdle have seams on the outside. This prevents the seams from leaving marks and/or dents on the skin considering it is very sensitive after surgery.



It is preferable that the fastening is in the front and not back, so you can put it on yourself in case you have no help. Also that it has 2-row hook-and-eye fastening. You can start using the girdle on the external position and as the swelling goes down you can move it to the second row. Â It's like having 2 sizes in one and you will not have to buy a second girdle that fast.


Other considerations:

  • If you are going to have a breast augmentation at the same time with another surgery such as liposuction or tummy tuck, choose a girdle with open bust so you can wear a bra according to your new cup size.
  • If the girdle has lace on the end of the leg, check that it does not have silicone, sometimes this material causes allergy because of the sensitivity of your skin.
  • It is a plus if the girdle has adjustable straps in case you have a long torso or are taller than average.


Successful recovery

If you follow all the recommendations we have given you, starting with those of your doctor, the girdle will help you recover faster and shape your body to the desired results.

We hope that this article has been helpful and we wish you much success in your surgery!


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