10 frequently ask questions about girdles


1.- Can I use a regular girdle for daily use after plastic or cosmetic surgery?

NO, it's very important when you're going to have an aesthetic intervention, that you're clear about the type of surgery they're going to perform. What part of your body is going to work and what level of compression your body can handle because not all girdles are for after surgery. 

When you visit one of our stores, it is important that you have all the information regarding your surgery in order for us to advise you and determine the right style for you. 

Remember that when it is fat transfer, the garment should be much softer below the buttocks and not always the girdles of daily use work. Preferably the garments for the first stage should be special girdles. These are highly recommended by doctors and requested by patients close to surgeries.

In stage 1, the garment is made with fabrics of textures much softer to the touch, to avoid discomfort caused by inflammation and pain. Daily girdles are recommended for after recovery.




2.- What are the Features to consider when purchasing your post-op girdle?

- Know the part of the body in which they will work.

 - Measure your girdle before surgery. 

 -Make sure the girdle fits comfortably before surgery.




3.- How to choose the right size?

The size of a girdle is determined by body measurements. (They are not purchased based on height or weight) Measure these 3 areas and set the correct size.


- Contour


- Waist


- Hips


4.- What do doctors recommend for after surgery?

With fat transfer or BBL, you should have a thin texture or exposed buttocks girdle. Sometimes there are doctors who recommend girdles with holes in the buttock area, but when a silicone implant is placed, a girdle with a thin lining is recommended.


5.- At what point after delivery, can I put on a girdle?

It's a good idea not to be so soon and wait a few days for you to feel better, after a week if you can wear a girdle.


6.- How long is it recommended to use a girdle?

It is advisable to wear a postoperative girdle during the 6 months of recovery, but if it is too uncomfortable, it should be used for at least 3 months. The use of the girdle during the recovery process is important because it greatly prevents inflammation of the body.


7.- How to define the stages of a postoperative girdle?

Not all patients use stage 1, but there are many people who require it because of the level of inflammation or overall pain after surgery. 


8.- How should I wash my girdle? 

We recommend that the girdle be washed by hand. If you are going to use a washing machine, do it in the delicate cycle with cold water and definitely do not use the dryer, nor softeners. This alters the tissues of the girdles and they can become very loose in the compression or it will get so small that it no longer fits you.


9.- What are Curvy Girdles?

It is our new Equilibrium post-operative line that I start in late 2020, as many women are performing surgical procedures where the result is a very small waist and much bigger hips. In these cases a special girdle is required;  where the contour sizes and hips are very different.




10.- Which girdles are most convenient for weight loss?

There are compression girdles and garments with latex. The important thing is to know your figure and the activities you wish to do.


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