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Custom girdles made to suit you

What are custom girdles?

As you may know, we are a leading company in the design, manufacture and manufacture of control garments with high quality standards, where our products are 100% Colombian.

At EQUILIBRIUM, we know that each body is unique and we want to meet the aesthetic and medical needs of our clients.  We provide a personalized advisory service where we will take your measurements, listen to your requests and requirements to identify the right design for you. Either for daily or post-surgical use, a girdle made with your measurements.



Our custom girdles service is provided especially for postoperative garments. Especially in cases where waist measurements are much smaller than on the hips. We make them feel comfortable and with precise control over the abdomen and back; allowing the hips and buttocks to have a natural highlight. Thus avoiding unnecessary compression when using very soft textures on these areas. Clothes are made  according to the required needs and the type of surgery that is performed. The precise measurements of the body are necessary while  taking into account the daily activities that are performed.



If you would like to know a bit more about our customs girdles, please call +1 (773) 213-9320

or visit our stores:

North: 4942 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago, Il 60639  Cel. (773) 547 8847

South: 6524 S. Pulaski Rd. Chicago, Il 60629  Cel. (630) 935 7685




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