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Tips for caring for your girdle

As you may know our girdles are one of the most important pieces of our outfit and taking care of them so that they retain their basic characteristics is very important.

These are our recommendations:

In the washing process

- Try to wash by hand

- Avoid using abrasive detergents

- Don't use tumble dryers

- Don't use hot water

- Don't twist it or wring

- Let it dry at room temperature



Remember to be careful with the lace while you are putting on and adjusting your girdle as they are delicate textures and can rip.


Choose the correct size for you, a very small size can be uncomfortable and forcing it to put it on can damage the girdle.


There is a belief that when using the dryer our garment shrinks, it is definitely not recommended since the components of the fabric can tear until they burst, thus losing the normal compression of the fabrics of the girdle.


Before putting the girdle on, keep in mind to adjust the straps according to the height of your shoulder, in this way you avoid stretching and straining it.


If you are using a postoperative girdle, we suggest placing it in the freezer in a well-serrated plastic bag for a few hours.  This will make the lycra cool and  provide a feeling of relief and freshness to the skin. This is very important for a speedy recovery.



If you have any questions about your correct size or what would be the best reference for you, have your measurements ready and contact us so we can advise you.




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