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The perfect girdle for your party dresses

Are thinking of what dress to wear for the holidays, but scare that certain little rolls will show?

Not to worry, we will share the secret that many women use to look perfect at all social events.Have you seen them? No matter what they wear, they always look perfect.

The solution is very simple it is a millenary garment that was used initially by the Greeks to achieve a refined waist: the girdle.



Get ready to enjoy all those social events of the season. Look spectacular at family reunions and at your companys holiday parties.

Buy that dress that you fell in love with but havent dared to buy because youre not sure how it will fit. You will have nothing to worry about if you use a girdle that best complements your body shape and the dress.

Best of all, contrary of what many think, girdles are not uncomfortable garments. Its elastic material, special cuts that grip your curves, its ergonomic design and its cotton lining will make you feel totally comfortable, secure and fresh.



As we have mention before, you must keep in mind the dress or garment youre wearing when choosing a girdle. Keep in mind the length of the dress, the width of the straps, the shape of the neckline, the length of the neckline or any transparency in the dress. Remember we do not what the girdle to show.

Below we give you 3 examples of dresses and the perfect girdle to wear underneath them.


Example 1: Girdle for full dresses


If you have a full dress, in other words, wide straps high back, or with sleeves, you have many options in girdles. Pictured is our Equilibrium Style C4150. This body style will shape your waist, even reducing centimeters when wearing it. It will also hide any little rolls on your back. If you wish to get control in your thighs and legs, we recommend a longer girdle, for example Style C4160.


Example 2: Strapless dresses, low neckline, or thin strap dresses


The ideal girdle for these kinds of dresses is strapless girdles that will stay in place without rolling down.  They are available in the body Style C4155 or the longer version Equilibrium Body Shaper C4163 like the one pictured. This girdle will grip perfectly your curves giving you a smooth and stylish look. It has a small amount of seams which helps it be more discrete underneath clothing.


Example 3: Girdles for 2 pieces or suits


Girdles can also be used under Jumper suites or 2 pieces suits. In this example Equilibriums Style C4142 will give you a lift in the buttocks that will take your outfit to the next level. This one piece girdle has no zipper, but will give you that gorgeous hourglass look that everyone will admire.



Remember to choose the size of the girdle according to your measurements. Do not choose a smaller size because you will feel too tight, and the goal is to make you feel secure and comfortable.

If you have never worn a girdle and are planning to wear one for a special occasion, we recommend buying it and wearing it a few days before the event so that you can start getting used to it.

After reading our recommendations, you are ready to be an eyecatcher and enjoy the holidays parties. Cheers!



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