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Compression Garments, The best complement to lose weight

If you are thinking about getting rid of those extra pounds that the holidays left you, a girdle will become your best friend and help you with reach your goals.


You must keep in mind that the girdle itself will not make you lose weight. It is necessary that you complement your weight loss plan with a more balanced diet and exercise. Do not forget to always consult a health or nutrition professional to accompany you in the process.


The girdle is the key element to help you with your weight loss plan for 2 reasons:

1. When you have a girdle on, your stomach is controlled, meaning that it is tight and you do not give it the opportunity to expand at ease with everything you eat. This will help you eat less because you will be satisfied with a smaller portion of food than when you do not have the girdle on. That is why the best time to put on your girdle is in the morning, after showering and before you start eating food. If you use it after eating, being full you may feel uncomfortable or sick because of your full stomach

2.The second reason why the girdle is your best ally when losing weight is because it helps you to shape your body as you lose weight. It helps you to shape those parts where you lose fat like your waist, hips or legs. Also the girdle keeps your skin tight to your body which helps you not to become so flaccid.


The girdle will become your partner for the change of your body, you can make use of it during the day while you perform your normal tasks or there are also specific girdles for exercising.

There are girdles that you can use to exercise. They give you support and help you eliminate toxins and fat through sweat like those made from latex.

If you are someone who likes to exercise with weights, we recommend a support waistband that helps protect you from a back injury or a hernia.


Other tips to help you lose weight


Additional to the girdle there are other tips that will help your weight loss process

Reducing, anti-cellulite or slimming creams will help you strengthen, tone and regenerate skin cells.

Use the osmotic film on your abdomen, hips or legs, they will help you shape your figure. They are also perfect to use under your girdle.You can also use any other gels that you prefer.

The hot gel, disassemble the fatty knots located in some affected areas, also contains slimming attributes that will prevent the generation of fatty tissue in the area where the gel is applied.

Reductive cream with caffeine, its properties are ideal to fight localized fat, it activates rapidly causing sweating in the body, giving you much faster results as it accelerates your metabolism naturally and has a high antioxidant power. It also stimulates circulation and reaffirms your skin.

Everything that we recommend are natural products that will help your body without having any side effects. Dare to pamper yourself and feel good.

Do you know what the best part is? You can use these products along with the girdle because they are very easy to wash away. If you fear that you will stain your girdle, you can use the osmotic film next to the creams. All these ideas make a perfect complement.


Slim down without going to the gym


If you are too lazy to go to the gym or do exercise routines, look for a sport or an activity that you like and that will keep you active.

Activities such as jogging, dancing, walking, swimming, yoga or Pilates are cardiovascular exercises will help you burn fat, strengthen and tone your body.

These are some exercises that you can work anywhere and at any time:

    • Jogging with short steps in a single position, also moving the arms up, to the sides or to the front. This will help you improve your heart rate by giving you a better physical condition while burning calories.
      • Squats: Sit and stand on a chair that has a normal height, do not lean too much on the chair, just a little touch and stand. With this exercise you will work your thighs and your butt.
        • Push-ups is one of the most complete exercises to work almost all the muscles of the body, it is done on the floor, face down, with the legs stretched out and resting on the tip of the feet. The arms bend supporting you on the forearms, you keep well straight and tightening the abdomen and buttocks for as long as you can resist. Ideal between 30 sec and 1 minute.


        Remember it is important to have a healthy diet and a lot of hydration. This will help you see the results faster.

        We wish you the best so that you achieve your goal of losing weight. We hope that our advice has been helpful.

        On your mark, get set, go!




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