Fashion should not feel uncomfortable

Fashion is constantly changing and work out clothing is no exception.

Social media invade us with hundreds of photographs of fitness trends, ladies in their sports attire, doing exercises, etc.

We can find garments with beautiful prints and vibrant colors, others in solid tones and varied designs, fabrics and textures, but the most important thing is to find the most suitable with your style.

These are some tips that we must take into account when we buy our outfits to go to the gym, train at home or just show it where you want ...

  • Not everything is about appearance... durability, comfort and functionality are important aspects to consider when we choose our look.
    • What kind of exercise are you going to do ... think what would make you feel more comfortable, somewhat loose or slightly fitted?
    • Choose your appropriate size.
    • It must be a comfortable piece of clothing, something flexible and stress free...
    • It should be made of an elastic fabric that, in addition to shaping your figure, is breathable for freshness and comfort.

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    Whatever the garment of your choice remember to be yourself looking beautiful and sexy, but above all enjoying your physical activity.



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