Why has the waist trainer become so popular?

There is a wide variety of girdles in the market to satisfy different needs, however, the one that has been most successful is the waist trainer.

For example, in social networks, especially on Instagram, more than one million people have used the #waisttraining label referring to the waist trainer.

In Equilibrium we have different styles of waist trainers that suit your needs.


Waist Trainer Belt

This unisex waist trainer is ideal for weight lifting because it gives you more support in the lower back and protects the muscle area of the Core area (abdominal, lumbar, pelvic, gluteus and deep musculature of the spine).

 Waist Trainer with Latex

With this waist trainer you can do physical activity, it will help you sweat faster and therefore reduce your waist and abdomen measurements. We recommend that you do not use it for more than three hours, because latex is a material that if used for a long time and depending on your type of skin can irritate you. (Also, if you are allergic to latex, do not use it at all)

Waist Trainer

This waist trainer, in addition to helping you correct your posture, will also help you to prevent pain in the lower back. It is perfect to shape your figure and will reduce your measurements of abdomen and waist using it daily. 

When Not to Use a Waist Trainer

There are specific cases of when not to use a waist trainer:

  • It is not recommended to use if you have recently had surgery, because your skin is delicate. In this case at Equilibrium, we recommend using a post-surgical girdle, which is designed with fresh material, medium compression and help with your recovery process.
  • Also, if you have just given birth, either vaginal or cesarean section is not recommended to use the waist trainer. Instead, a girdle that provides the necessary support to your body. You can try a panty girdle with sleeves, without sleeves, or with a high back.
  • When you have a wide back or wide hips is not recommended to use this garment because it will not provide the support that you are looking for. Woman with wide hips are recommended to use girdle with shorts or that fall longer at the legs. These will give you a more silhouette look.


We hope you find this information useful and hope you enjoy wearing a waist trainer... You will get the best results by exercising and doing balanced diet. And once you wear it, you will not want to eat in large quantities.

Remember to feel beautiful you must feel comfortable first!



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