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How to put on a Post- Surgery Garment


Hello, today we will be making a very special video. It’s a video that our customers have been asking for, especially our Post Op customers.

We have our model, Sol. And she will demonstrate how we put on a Post surgical girdle.

Sol has on a girdle from our Curvy Line. These are especially made for women with very small waist and wide hips.

This garment is C9022. She will be demonstrating how to put it on, step by step.




She has pulled it up to her thighs. Here she is showing how to properly bring up the garment. Making sure the inner seams of the garments are in the correct place.

These seams must be in the inner part of the thighs. Not in the front, but at your inner thigh.

That area is now ok. Now she is showing how she make sure her buttocks are correct.

Two important things to remember:

First, make sure the seam in the buttocks is below each butt cheek.

Second, that the upper seam that looks like a heart, falls correctly at the hips.

Now, before bring up the straps, make sure the pelvic area flaps are placed correctly.

Those seams have to fall correctly in your crotch area.

Then, close the zipper; fasten one or two clips before putting on the straps.

Put each strap on. Make sure you pull the garment as much as possible in the back. This will allow you to fasten the clips easier.




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