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How to dress your hourglass figure

For centuries, women have tried to highlight their figure using the different types of corsets and waist trainers to compress their natural waist. Hoping to achieve a perfect waistline while highlighting the hips and buttocks; creating the ideal hourglass figure.

Currently, curvilinear icons such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian have consolidated this silhouette as one of the most coveted, making women around the planet find new ways for theirs to also stand out. Some in a subtle way and others dramatically have accentuating their lines; going through the operating room and / or using the right control garment.

It can be said that the hourglass is one of the most desired body shapes, although it is one of the most difficult to design. The purpose is to establish a perfect balance between the bust and the buttocks, while drastically thinning the middle part. As women know, finding garments that fit perfectly to our figure can seem almost impossible.

Look at these fantastic suggestions that will help you pamper your figure. This way you will feel that your clothes are made especially for you.


Wearing an hourglass figure starts with underwear. These are the two most important elements you need to create a good foundation.

The Bra: a good bra is important for women with large bust, choose a bra that lifts the bust and provides definition between the bust and the belly.  
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The girdle: this shaping garment will help you easily achieve your goal of highlighting your lines. You can consider a garment that is special to your figure. It could be high-waisted short or a waistband. Minimizing your mid-section will noticeably highlight your bust, hips and buttocks.

Our control garments have built-in buttock lift system to create more volume in this area.


The most important thing is to highlight each curve. Avoid wearing loose-fitting or oversized clothing that can tarnish your curvy figure.

  • Wear tight blouses. Loose-fitting garments do not favor you. Sports shirts with light knitted or stretchy fabric that fit the skin.
  • Avoid very long blouses, as you will look straight and hide your waist, wear garments that do not extend below the waist.
  • Show off your cleavage with a V-neck or U-neck shirt or blouse. Turtlenecks tend to downplay the curves in the upper half and create a voluminous, linear shape.
  • Wear tight pants, skinny jeans or pants with a slim ankle enhance curves great.
  • Do you know the tight dresses and tube skirts? These garments are the best way to exhibit your curves and accompanied by a suitable shaperwear. It will noticeably enhance your figure; making you feel perfect.
  • The belt with dresses and coats are one of the best methods to thin the waist and create the illusion of a larger bust and buttocks. This is perfect for those looking to exhibit their figure.
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Use it with confidence!

The most important element for a flattering outfit is confidence. The priority is to be you and dress in the way that makes you feel fantastic and empowered. Beauty is something that not only highlights on your outside; it comes from within. Feeling good about you is the first thing.




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