Recognize your body type

One of our virtues as a person is to be unique, our individual characteristics are not only reflected on the inside with our personality or the way we act, but also in how we see ourselves, feel and the self confidence with which we show ourselves to the world.

Tipos de cuerpos

These physical characteristics of ours show us the possibilities we have when choosing what to wear and what to wear on each occasion. Thus, the basis for making the correct decision is to know what type of body we have and from there to know what allows us to show off our figure and attributes in the best way.

The variables that define our figure are shoulders, bust, waist and hips, if you take the measurement of the contour of each of them you can easily know what your type of silhouette is. Here is how:

Where to measure ourselves to know our body?

  1. Shoulders: you have to measure the width of the shoulders, from the back.
  2. Chest: take measurements of the contour of the bust without modifying its natural shape, as tightly as possible.
  3. Waist: the third measurement you need is the waist circumference, at its narrowest point.
  4. Hip: the contour should be measured in its widest area.
  5. Buttocks: you need to measure the contour of the buttocks, and the contour below it.


We recommend you write down your measurements to then know what type of figure you are.
- If your shoulder or bust measurement is 5% larger than your hip measurement, your body type is inverted triangle.

- When the measurements of your shoulders and your hips are similar, that is to say that between them there is no difference greater than 5%, and in turn your waist measurement is 25% less than these, your body shape is an hour glass.

- If the extension of your hips is around 5% greater than the measurement of your shoulders or chest, your body type is triangular or pear.

- Your shoulders and hips have similar measurements and the difference with your waist is at most 25%, so the shape of your body is rectangular.

- Your abdomen is around 10% greater than the measurements of your shoulders and hips, if your silhouette is oval or apple.

Triangle body

It is known that way because the body is usually wider at the bottom, giving the feeling of a triangle shape.

triangulo invertido

Inverted triangle body

The upper part of the body, specifically the shoulders, is characterized by being wider than the part of the hips.

Rectangle body

This type of body has very similar measurements in the shoulders, waist and hips, thus giving a straight shape.
reloj de arena

Hourglass body

It presents a harmony between the upper and lower part of the body, it also has a very marked waist.

Diamond body

This silhouette is identified because its emphasis is on the upper part, while the figure is drastically reduced in the lower part of the body.

Oval body

It is characterized by having a wide waist and a prominent abdomen.

Pear body

She has curvy hips, wide thighs, and pronounced glutes.


If you do not feel completely comfortable with your body type, you already know that girdles are a perfect tool that serves to mold our shape and thus achieve a slimmer and more curvilinear silhouette. They highlighting our greatest attribute and the best thing about these compression garments is that they are imperceptible under our clothes.


It is very easy to select your ideal girdle according to your needs since in the market there are a wide variety of girdle designs, there are types of bodysuits, onesies, fishermen, shorts, pantyhose, waistbands and vests, etc. Now that you know your body type you can maximize results knowing which garments best fit your shape:

- Reducing girdles for daily use: this type has a dual purpose. The first is for everyday use. The second is for those occasions in which it is urgent to reduce a waist and abdomen size.

- Sports girdles: they have greater holding and compression power, but they are flexible and light. They increase body temperature and help you eliminate fat and toxins during exercise.

- Post-operative girdles: These are generally considered therapeutic girdles, but they are also designed to help maintain an ideal body posture or to alleviate discomfort in the lower back.

As you can see there is a lot to choose from and we are sure we have the right garment for you.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us for proper advice.


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